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Involution Float Spa
3659 Nasa Rd 1
sensory deprivation float spa

So what is sensory deprivation floating 🙂
Basically it is a big “bathtub” filled with 10 inches of water and enough epsom salt to float anybody.
My float rooms (4 1/2 ft wide x 8 ft long) hold 200 gallons of water with 1000 pounds of epsom salt dissolved into it. Meaning that for every gallon there’s 5 pounds of Epsom salt- very dense. The temperature of the water is set to skin temp- @96 degrees. It cozy and you feel completely weightless laying on nothing. Ear plugs are worn. There is a button for turning off the light- which leaves you in complete darkness (or not).

Massage Envy – Bay Colony

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Take You Away Massages
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I specialize in relaxing your senses & restoring your body to it’s full potential.
Have a glass of wine, close your eyes and let my hands Take You Away!!